Local Regulator: Roseville, Folsom Could Run Out Of Water By September

FOLSOM LAKE (CBS13) — A water regulator is warning Roseville and Folsom could run out of water in just a few months if officials continue to allow water releases from Folsom Lake.

Andrew Fecko with the Placer County Water Agency is concerned and frustrated after learning the Bureau of Reclamation has increased releases from Folsom Lake. He warns those increased releases won’t just expose ruins where water should be.

“If this lake behind me goes below 100,000 acre feet, in the September time frame, that’s a you-can’t-turn-on-your-tap moment, and that’s something we haven’t faced here before,” he said.

He says about half a million citizens use water from Folsom Lake, including the cities of Folsom and Roseville, as well as the San Juan Water District.

The increased water releases are because of protected salmon in the Sacramento River. Erin Curtis with the bureau says they’ve had to stop releases from Shasta Lake to keep the water cooler up there for salmon to breed.

But even with that requirement, it also has to release water downstream to keep the Delta clean. With Shasta not able to do its part, that means more water has to come from Folsom Lake.

The State Water Resources Control Board, which is responsible for many of the water requirements, did not respond to CBS13’s request for comment.

The PCWA says its not blaming the bureau; instead it hopes some of the requirements can be eased to save Folsom Lake.