Restore the Delta: Where do we go from here? We keep going.

April 11, 2018 • Today is a new day, and not a day to feel defeated. As we reflect on yesterday’s decision, it becomes clear that we have a choice on how we move forward—we can choose to accept defeat or choose to see where we have made tremendous progress and keep going.

As we are seeing on many fronts in our country, there is a disconnect between what Californians are looking for in terms of public planning, and a sustainable use of our resources for the greater good, and what political leaders insist on doing. They may have won the battle, but this effort to cling to the last century’s methods for water management in California will not hold. The long arc of history bends toward progress, which we are making. What happens during the day-to-day struggle is messy along the way.

That is why yesterday marked a historic breakthrough at Metropolitan Water District. The two largest cities that make up representatives of the MWD board, Los Angeles and San Diego, voted against the twin tunnels motion, along with Santa Monica, which is moving toward water independence in a few years, and San Fernando, whose representatives understand the importance of water affordability for their ratepayers.

All of you who submitted comments, filled Mayor Garcetti’s voicemail over the weekend, raised your voice at the rally, and delivered thoughtful, heartfelt comments to the MWD Board made that happen. We are forever grateful and inspired by your continued efforts to protect the Delta, its wildlife, its people, California’s middleclass water ratepayers, and environmental justice communities throughout the state.

Over the last twelve years, our efforts have only grown stronger, our community has only expanded, and our message only rings louder and broader. So today and every day until this project is defeated and we begin to build a sustainable and equitable water management system for the state, we choose to keep going, because fighting for a sustainable, clean water supply for all Californians while celebrating and protecting our home, the Delta, is the right thing to do.

As we prepare for the next chapter of this fight in court, and in the public sphere, we look forward to working with you, celebrating victories along the way, and mourning setbacks, but forever moving forward on the path to a sustainable water future for the Delta, and all of California.

Yours in Service,

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Restore the Delta